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Remove Pablo Casals School from the Turn Around LIst .

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The Turn Around List in Chicago means that a school's entire staff is reassigned or terminated , and a completely new staff is brought in, even janitors and lunchroom staff. Chicago Public Schools is giving out misinformation against this school, calling it the lowest performing school with a culture of negativity. The truth is that Pablo Casals School is scoring on the 2011 Illinois Report Cards above over 120 elementary schools in Chicago. It is at par or above all its neighboring Humboldt Park schools. It has seen growth every year in its students who meet state levels. It started at 14% level in 1990, 33% in 2002 , 51% in 2007 and is now at 62% (2011) of its kids at level. Chicago Public Schools proposes to give Casals to AUSL to run, replacing its entire staff of teachers, aides, administrators, janitors and lunchroom staff, even though Casals presently outscores 6 of the 11 AUSL schools in Chicago. Casals has a brand new principal since October who has not been given even 1 year to prove what she can accomplish. The parents of Casals do not want to lose the teachers who know their children best and who have helped their kids make progress every year. The proposed take-over by AUSL is a political move , not an action based on anything that would improve Casals. Pablo Casals has proven that it can improve its scores every year and does not need a turnaround !

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