Change the school starting hours for high school students

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Chicago Public Schools have announced that the following year (2015- 2016), most students will begin attendance at 8:45 rather than 7:45. The reason behind this is to save about 9 million dollars on schools buses. However, high school students do not take school buses either way. High school students need a lot of free time after school for clubs, homework, and time to get home. I myself am a high school student and I would like to start this petition to have the Chicago Public School system resend the new rule for starting school later for only high school students. Many high school students are involved in special programs and athletic clubs. They need time to work on necessary assignments and still have some free time. Another issue with the schedule change is public transportation. Many students arrive at home an hour after school ends due to public transportation. With students taking the bus and train home, they will not get enough time to complete their assignments, get enough sleep, or join any after school activities. It does not make sense to have high school students start late because of the younger grade students. A high school student's schedule consists of waking up in the morning, getting to school by 7:45, staying for a club from 3:30- 4:30, getting home around 5:00- 5:45, then using the rest of the time for assignments. By dismissing students around 4:20, many will get home by 6:45. This leaves no time for assignments which means students will most likely either skip the assignments or only get a few hours of sleep. The Chicago Public School system must take high school students into consideration with their bell schedule change. I suggest having the lower grades start later while high school students remain with the old Chicago Public School bell schedule. Most students have to wake up earlier anyways. Starting school late will just leave them tired throughout most of the day. The CPS system must adjust the schedule to fit high school students or have a separate bell schedule for them.

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