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Petitioning Alderman, Ward 15 Toni Foulkes and 38 others

Chicago BACP: Don't Kill Uber! Remove the No Measured Rates Provision.


Since our launch over a year ago, Uber has made great strides in creating a convenient, efficient, and classy transportation alternative in Chicago. As a licensed Chicago business, we have improved transportation options for tens of thousands of Chicagoans, and have helped grow the small businesses of hundreds of our driver partners.

Unfortunately, Chicago’s Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (“BACP”) has proposed regulations that would prohibit Uber’s Black car service from operating in Chicago. We need your help in the next 5 days to prevent these regulations from taking effect!

Proposed BACP regulations:

Outlaw any electronic measurement device
Section 1.10.a “…PPV licensees may not use any device, including, but not limited to, mechanical, electronic, or digital meters/equipment to measure and calculate passenger fares based on distance and/or time traveled.”

Prohibit the use of time or distance charges
Section 1.10.c “The Department will consider a PPV that advertises or charges its passenger fares by measuring distance and/or time traveled as an unlicensed taxicab…”

Uber’s shorthand response: Limo companies throughout Chicago already charge by time and distance. Uber’s technology simply makes those calculations more streamlined, more transparent, and more accurate.

Collectively, these provisions are designed to prevent Uber’s technology from being used in Chicago limos. Their adoption would end Uber’s ability to offer the streamlined arrangement of limo transportation and ease of payment that you’ve come to expect and love. Consumer choice and accountability would be reduced and the incomes of the more than 1,000 Chicago drivers that depend on Uber would be significantly and negatively impacted.

Letter to
Alderman, Ward 15 Toni Foulkes
Alderman, Ward 3 Pat Dowell
Alderman, Ward 12 George A. Cardenas
and 36 others
Alderman, Ward 13 Marty Quinn
Alderman, Ward 22 Ricardo Munoz
Alderman, Ward 24 Michael Chandler
Alderman, Ward 26 Roberto Maldonado
Alderman, Ward 29 Deborah Graham
Alderman, Ward 30 Ariel E. Reboyras
Alderman, Ward 38 Timothy M. Cullerton
Alderman, Ward 40 Patrick J. O'Connor
Alderman, Ward 42 Brendan Reilly
Alderman, Ward 44 Thomas M. Tunney
Alderman, Ward 2 Robert Fioretti
Alderman, Ward 4 William Burns
Alderman, Ward 35 Rey Colon
Alderman, Ward 43 Michele Smith
Alderman, Ward 45 John Arena
Alderman, Ward 1 Joe Moreno
Alderman, Ward 50 Debra Silverstein
Alderman, Ward 48 Harry Osterman
Alderman, Ward 16 JoAnn Thompson
BACP Commissioner Rosemary Krimbel
Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel
Alderman, Ward 8 Michelle Harris
Alderman, Ward 11 James Balcer
Alderman, Ward 14 Ed Burke
Alderman, Ward 23 Michael Zalewski
Alderman, Ward 25 Daniel Solis
Alderman, Ward 27 Walter Burnett, Jr.
Alderman, Ward 31 Ray Suarez
Alderman, Ward 32 Scott Waguespack
Alderman, Ward 33 Richard F. Mell
Alderman, Ward 37 Emma Mitts
Alderman, Ward 39 Margaret Laurino
Alderman, Ward 46 James Cappleman
Alderman, Ward 47 Ameya Pawar
Alderman, Ward 49 Joseph A. Moore
Please remove the No Measured Rates Provision (Section 1.10) from the proposed Chicago Public Passenger Vehicle License Rules. This provision would broadly restrict the use of technology in the limo industry and ultimately prohibit Uber ( from operating it's Black car business in Chicago. The comment period on these rules ends Friday, November 9th, so please act now to remove this provision.

Having safe, reliable and affordable transportation options is important for the future growth and success of Chicago. Moreover, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the City of Chicago need to follow through with their promise to embrace innovation and create a welcoming environment for new businesses to start-up and grow.

Since Uber's launch in September 2011, Uber has made great strides in creating a convenient, efficient, and classy transportation alternative in Chicago. As a licensed Chicago business, Uber has improved transportation options for tens of thousands of Chicagoans, and has helped over 1,000 drivers increase their weekly income. This provision will end those positive outcomes. For more information about the proposed Rules and their impact on Uber, please see Uber's blog post:

We urge you to tell BACP, Commissioner Rosemary Krimbel and the Mayor's Office to REMOVE THE NO MEASURED RATES PROVISION!

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