Pass the Chicago Healthy Homes Inspection Program

Pass the Chicago Healthy Homes Inspection Program

June 18, 2014
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Why this petition matters

Chicago's complaint-based only rental housing inspection system is broken and does not meet the needs of the 575,000 renters living in the City of Chicago. We need a proactive inspection system like ones in Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston, Minneapolis and many other cities across the country. Living with disrepair leads to asthma attacks, lead poisoning, fires and other injuries - which can all be prevented with proper maintenance.  

We conducted a survey about renters' experience with the current inspection system:

-95 out of 200 renters identified retaliation as an issue when requesting an inspection

-53 out of 200 renters requested an inspection and were retaliated against

-42 out of 200 renters did not make a request because they feared retaliation

-80 out of 200 renters made a request and no inspection occurred to their knowledge.  

By signing this petition you express your support for the CHICAGO HEALTHY HOMES INSPECTION PROGRAM (CHHIP) to protect your health and to improve and preserve the quality of Chicago's rental housing. 

Join the Fight - learn about your rights, be a part of the committee, talk to your alderman, and share this petition. Find out more about the campaign and details of the ordinance. To find out more about how housing affects your health: Check this out.   

Contact 773-292-4980 ext 231 /

Healthy Homes, Healthy Chicago.

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This petition had 438 supporters

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