Keep Meatless Tuesdays at Chi Omega Berkeley

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For years, Chi Omega Mu at Berkeley has had "Meatless Tuesday" dinners. This tradition was established in order to further our efforts in environmental sustainability and health. 

However, due to complaints by certain members, Chi Omega Mu has decided that the complaints of few shall eclipse the sustainability goals of many. Skipping meat ONCE a week is the equivalent of taking a car off the road for three months (and that is just for one person). 

Additionally, the reputation that Chi Omega Mu has held onto throughout the years is one of environmental crusaders and change makers. Therefore, we see this endeavor of turning Meatless Tuesdays extinct as a massive step in the wrong direction.

We look to fellow Chi Omega Mu members, members of the Greek Community, and humans in general to sign this petition to bring back Meatless Tuesdays at Chi Omega Berkeley.

It should not be too much for someone to not eat meat for one meal, once a week.