DO NOT turn Chesterfield SC Animal Cruelty back over to Sheriff Dept !!!

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DO NOT turn Chesterfield SC Animal Cruelty back over to the Sheriff Department!!!





County council is voting to let the Sheriff’s office take animal cruelty back over on December 3rd.

They had a 98 percent kill rate when under Sheriff’s control and they were discovered using dogs as TARGET PRACTICE! They are now at a 93 percent save rate with current state and infrastructure. They are a model for other county run shelters in SC and NC! We cannot let this happen. Please tell everyone and anyone you know. People can call the county council and ask NOT to turn Chesterfield County Animal Cruelty back over to the sheriff.

Phone number for council (843)623-2535.

Article about Sheriff’s department using dogs for TARGET PRACTICE!

A Letter from a Concerned Citizen!

An Open Letter To The Citizens of Chesterfield County, SC!

I’ve heard that the newly elected sheriff of Chesterfield County wants to have Animal Control (AC) placed back under the sheriff’s department. Say what? Shocking, isn’t it. Time to start digging to get to the bottom of this. What’s his motivation for wanting AC? I’ll tell you my first thought.

Money…….. as in a hefty budget. What else could it be? The shelter already has an 88% save rate. Does this newly elected sheriff want to improve on that? If he has a strong interest in animal welfare and does want to get that 88% save rate up to 98%, did anyone hear about this DURING HIS CAMPAIGN?

Was this newly elected sheriff so enthralled with the way prisoner Sheriff Sam Parker ran Animal Control that he wants to return to those days? Some of you may not have been involved in animal welfare during those days. I was. I remember. So let’s take a look down memory lane to see how well things were for the animals during the Parker regime.

*Dogs were shot and buried in the landfill across the street.
*Cats were clubbed with no way to escape the monster coming at them.
*There was weight training equipment AT THE SHELTER. (I’ve got a picture of that)
*There were no intake records.
*Vaccination records were so slipshod no vets would honor them.
*Pit Bull being put on hold for the shelter manager & his sidekick. (I’ve got that pic too)
*Missing records for the euthanasia drugs.
*Inmates working at the shelter.
*The worst public relations nightmare Chesterfield County has even seen when the buried dogs were discovered at the dump. Need I go on?

In 2011, after months of protests, media outcry and a demonstration, Parker threw his hands up and gave AC back to the county. Thank God!

A couple years ago along came Jim McGonigal who by strong, dedicated leadership turned that hellhole of shelter into a point of pride for the whole county. He has developed & fostered relationships within the community and with rescue groups near & far. And who wants to take over AC? Ask yourself why.

Jim McGonigal has done for Animal Control what NO other county in the whole area has done despite other shelters having massive funding. Look at Union County, NC with their million dollar plus budget and a 2013 kill rate of by the sheriff. Look at any other nearby county where AC is run by the sheriff department and find me one with a reputation as stellar as Chesterfield. You won’t find it.

Homeless animals don’t belong anywhere near a sheriff’s department. Is that what the deputies went to school for? No, they didn’t. Homeless animals belong in an environment run by civilians; dedicated animal loving people who are there solely for the animals with no other motive. Did the newly elected sheriff go to law enforcement training or animal welfare training? Is he a vet and I just haven’t heard about it? Doubtful. What could he possibly want with AC? If it’s anything other than AC’s budget I’d sure like to hear what it is.

If this foolish idea is allowed to continue unchecked and actually passes the County Council, shockwaves will go through the animal welfare community from coast to coast. Yes, the outcry will be that big. Remember, in 2011 the horrors of the shelter under Parker went across the country.

Don’t change a thing. You’ve got an animal shelter to be very proud of. Keep it that way. The newly elected sheriff needs to concentrate on law enforcement. Animal Control doesn’t need his oversight nor his control of the budget. Things are working just fine the way they are.


Chesterfield animal shelter closed after dogs shot dead

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