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Say 'No to Proposed Pay Cuts At Chesterfield College

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Lecturers are professionals who are dedicated to the education & training of students.

Already over 40 lecturers have been made redundant at Chesterfield College this year, meaning increased workloads for those of us who will remain at the college next year.

We have now been told that the college intend to cut our pay…..

They intend to impose a 1% pay cut across all staff.

They have told us that we will receive no pay rise at all for the next two years.

They plan to cut the pay of Hourly Paid lecturers by 15%!

They also plan to stop lecturers getting to the top of the pay scale, unless they take on a “managerial role”. In the future, some of the most experienced lecturers could earn up to £3000 a year less than now.

We believe that these pay cuts are unjust and un‐necessary.
The college have said that if we fail to reach agreement with
them, they are prepared to dismiss staff and and re‐employ
them on less favourable terms, incorporating these pay cuts


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