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Amend zoning procedure to allow citizen involvement in site plans approval.

Swift Creek Reservoir has already seen phosphorous levels of 0.034 mg/l of Phosphorus. If the Reservoir goes above 0.04 mg/L of phosphorus then the Reservoir is closed as a drinking water source and the property reverts to the developer. Chesterfield loses their right of way to use it for drinking water permanently. Impervious Surfaces and loss of trees leads to more phosphorus containing runoff that pollutes the Reservoir.

Swift Creek supplies 20% of Chesterfield’s water and we have had water restrictions again this year. Chesterfield needs to pass a Comprehensive Plan that includes an environmental section. This needs to ensure development in the Swift Creek Watershed near water is Low Impact Development designed like Brandermill with many trees left standing.

Chesterfield allows zoning from timberland to residential without first doing due diligence of reviewing a site plan. Without reviewing the site plan before giving permission citizens can not control what kind of buildings are built in their watershed. Chesterfield needs to amend zoning procedure to allow citizen involvement in site plans approval.

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