Chester County, SC Council build a new, safe animal shelter for our homeless dogs & cats.

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To Chester County, SC Residents, those that work, spend time or money in Chester County and animal rescue groups that save dogs and cats from the Chester Animal Control facility.
We went before the Chester County Council a year ago in November to ask that they build a new animal shelter since the one that is currently used is not close to being a safe place for homeless animals that are either picked up or dumped off by county residents.
The current shelter, even with some well overdue updates, is still far from being a safe place for the animals unlucky enough to find themselves homeless, or for workers and visitors to the shelter.
Space per animal is a huge issue as most do not have enough space to lay in a safe, dry, warm place separate from where they eat and relieve themselves. Most of the kennels the dogs are kept in are extremely small, especially since dogs rarely are taken out for walks or exercise due to under staffing. Most living areas for the animals is not climate controlled. It is sweltering hot in the summer and frigid cold in the winter.  
In the updated area, the space has become even smaller due to concrete walls that were put in recently. There’s not enough space for a 10lb dog for more than 2 to 3 hours, much less for weeks on end. There is no separate building to house animals that show signs of illness, or a place for animals just entering the shelter to be held for a short time to make sure they are not sick. New animals coming in need an adjustment period, where it is a bit more quiet, before being thrown into the extreme place that is the Chester Animal Control.
Our county is growing, new businesses are moving in and bringing new residents to our community. We have to move forward if we want to attract productive new residents. No one wants to live in a community that treats those without a voice in such horrid disregard. To see these conditions first hand, please visit Chester County Animal Control and ask to visit the lower shelter and "play yards"; see the overcrowding, rundown, dark and very scary place, especially to animals that have no clue what has happened to them or why. All they feel is fear and suffering.
This is not the fault of anyone that works at the shelter, this falls squarely on the shoulders of the leaders that we have voted into public office! This is the time to take a serious look at our county leaders. Are these people qualified to move our county into the future? Are the City and County Council members involved during meetings, or do they sit and get a glazed look of boredom when residents have enough guts to stand up and speak up on issues that are important to them?  We have witnessed this first hand, the glazed over eyes, and at one point hostility from one county council member who thought it necessary to drill our rescue volunteer(a tax paying member of Chester County) about the fact that the need for a new shelter had never been mentioned until the rescue group brought it up. There are a few great County Council members that are very active in Council meetings and in our community!
If you cannot make it to these meetings, they are now available via YouTube! You can watch at home!
We need every person that cares and loves animals or even if you are not an animal lover, at least stand up and protect those that have no voice and that are the victims.
PLEASE sign this petition and let our County Leaders know WE THE PEOPLE do care and want them to take immediate action in building a new Chester County Animal Control facility! A facility we can be proud of and people want to visit and adopt new family members from!