To Create a Funko PoP in The Memory Of Chester Bennington, Singer of Linkin Park

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I'm Feeling So Numb

Dear Fans of Linkin Park, This Petition is to have a Funko PoP of Chester Bennington. Please Sign it & share it because we are a big family, the LP Family.

Chester Bennington is passed away on July 20th, 2017. This News has shocked the whole World especially the LP Family. Since that date, we know that nothing and no one will replace him in our heart broken...

The most of Fans that I know grew up with the Music of Linkin Park. During the good & the bad moments, the voice of Chester was a huge recomfort because we had this kind of connection with him. He knew incredibly how to express his own scars on beautiful and authentic songs. Chester was unique, so smart, so multi-purpose in each things he did. Now he is a Star among the Stars... We're watching the sky and nevertheless, we don't see you. Where are You Chester ?

Life is a Castle Of Glass

We hear again and again the Albums, watch the Live Shows... We can't stop crying and still be amazed by his sensibility, and at the same time, his strength. You sang with your guts, you jumped with your guts even if it means a broken arm. A lot of people have regrets because they didn't see you in concert, as me... We feel lost. Like orphans. Where is my Idol ? My big Bro' ? My crush ? My Best friend ? ... You were so good with everybody Chester. Your kindness was immeasurable. You always want the best for your Fans. Even if it means stopping the Show to help someone. Modest, so Modest. You weren't a crack in this castle of glass Chester, you were a big part of the foundation.

In The End

Now, all we want is a Funko PoP of Chester Bennington because he deserves it fully. All the community of Fans deserves it fully. I just tell small things about him but he was so much more for us all ! We need this PoP, to get something physical, something we can touch. Something who helps us in our biggest grief. We would a PoP like everybody imagine it :

  • Chester wore a Sleeveless White T-Shirt with jeans
  • Chester wouldn't be him without his Tattoos. In particular, his famous flames on his wrists
  • His Black Stretching Plugs in ears
  • His Black Glasses
  • His Hair Short
  • Why not a Microphone in his Left Hand (He was Left-Handed)

Please Funko, make this possible, we'll be eternally grateful ! To get Chester in a Funko PoP Box & be able to purchase him ! We don't want to ask too much, but if you could do the rest of the band, who's sharing our pain & who lost their best friend, their bro, their lead singer & more again. I hope that this bottle launched in the ocean will be taken by Freddy of Funko & that he'll realize our wish !