Make Cheshire Fashion Week Fur Free

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The Cheshire Fashion Week will open its doors for the first time from the 14th-15th of December. It has decided to endorse and display the brand Santinni Couture which is very open in its use of real fur. 

Every coat and hat the brand sells uses either fox or mink fur. Their website shows no information as to how this fur is acquired meaning it could be sourced one of two ways: from intensive fur farming, or through traps. Fur farming and clamped traps are now illegal in the UK due to the horrendous conditions the animals are subject to. Because of this we know the fur must be imported from countries that have much less regulated fur laws - the animals are subject to a lifetime of captive suffering; unable to live in their natural environment.

As this is the first year of the Fashion Week we feel it should be setting an example for future years. In the 21st century there is no place for fur, and the fashion industry should take responsibility and expel this grossly inhumane and outdated process. The UK is an animal loving country where this practice shouldn't have a role.