To prevent planning being granted to Plymouth Brethren on the Mobberley Riding School Site

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The Mobberley Riding School, which was situated in the heart of the rural Cheshire countryside in Mobberley, has been sold to the Plymouth Brethren Christian Group. Subject to planning they propose to build a Christian Meeting Centre on the 60 acre site.

According to press releases, the Brethren Community do not involve themselves with the local community in any way. What is this going to fetch to our village? 

There is already a Plymouth Brethren Church only 5 miles away from this site, therefore I feel building another would be unnecessary. Developing this site is completely out of character for Mobberley and will ruin our rural countryside.

As well as spoiling the countryside, it is stated that they can hold up to three meetings a day for hundreds of people.  Can Newton Hall Lane and surrounding roads cope with this amount of traffic, it is going to cause congested roads and excess pollution in our Village.