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The release of the Saint Bernard known as Alchemy.

Alchemy is a beautiful 2 year old Saint Bernard, who has been seized by the Chesapeake Animal Control Unit, and slated as dangerous. He currently has a foster home that is aware of any and all issues that Alchemy has, and feels that due to a situation that was beyond Alchemy's control, he had behaved in a manner that is consistent with how a dog might behave under these conditions, and feels that he will thrive in his new adoptive foster home until his owners can obtain a new residence in which he can return to them. The foster home is aware that this may require some time and is open to keeping Alchemy with them, with no time constraints placed or for any financial obligations placed upon the owners. The foster parent has been a former dog handler, uses a positive reinforcement technique when handling dogs, is very familiar with the Saint Bernard Breed, and has the financial ability to take on a giant breed and the love, patience, time and understanding to dedicate to Alchemy. We petition the courts to immediately release Alchemy from the Chesapeake Animal Control Unit and to lift the title of Dangerous Dog from him.

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