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Beunka Adams is a Texas death row inmate fighting for his life and his right to a fair trial. His execution date is set for April 26, 2012, if we do not act he will be executed in less then three months.

In the beginning of October 2011 Beunka Adams' final appeal was rejected by the US Supreme Court, even though there are obvious flaws in Mr. Adams' legal procedure, doubts about the fairness of his trial and also doubts about what really happened that unfortunate day of a robbery back in 2002 in Rusk, Texas, USA.

Beunka Adams has repeatedly expressed his deepest regrets for taking part in the robbery. Mr. Adams is the father of three children and a healthy young man that can be a great asset to society in the future.

We are urging Texas authorities to stop the execution of Beunka Adams and to commute his death sentence.

For more information, please, visit:

Official webpage

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8 Bags of popcorn: Info page about Beunka Adams

Twitter: @SaveBeunkaAdams

Letter to
Governor Rick Perry
Cherokee County District Attorney Elmer C. Beckworth Jr
To: Governor Rick Perry Cherokee County District Attorney Elmer C. Beckworth Jr

Dear Sirs,

RE: Beunka Adams - planned execution April 26 2012.

I write to ask that you do everything in your power to prevent Beunka Adams from execution. I urge you to stop the execution and grant him a fair trial.

Beunka Adams’ final appeal was rejected by the US Supreme Court in the beginning of October 2011. During December the same year Mr. Adams' execution date was set for April 26 2012. This was despite the fact that there are obvious and major flaws in Mr Adams’ legal procedure; doubts about the fairness of his trial; and doubts about what really happened during the tragic robbery in Rusk, Texas in 2002.

In Adams' case there are many oversights and the most fatal are:

Another man, Adams' co-defendant, confessed to the shooting and the two men were not tried at the same trial. During trial the jurors were convinced that Adams fired the gun because of evidence being held from them.

Adams' state appointed attorney did not offer a proper legal defense during trial and it must be seen as inefficient legal counseling. His appeal attorney has shown ignorance towards his client's needs and hasn't answered Adams' letters for the past three years. Due to poor legal advice, failing to find another attorney and his own lacking knowledge of law Adams' legal process can not be found to provide the proper legal security recognized for every citizen by law.

Adams is convicted for accidentally missing someone with a 12-gauge shotgun at a close distance. A proper investigation and a statement from a ballistic expert would prove that it is physically impossible to do that without causing more physical harm then a scratched lip.

When Beunka Adams’ trial transcript is compared with his co-defendant’s it becomes clear that it is different in major points. Witnesses appear to be unsure of their facts and their stories have been changed between the two trials.
Beunka Adams has never denied his involvement in the robbery in 2002 that led to the tragic death of a man and the serious wounding of a girl, but he has always claimed that he didn't shoot anyone and that he tried to stop his co-defendant from harming the victims. Mr. Adams has several times expressed his deep regrets for and sadness over the tragic events of that day.

To lose someone beloved is a painful process, my thoughts goes to the surviving victims and to the family and friends of the man who tragically died. I sincerely hope that they've got the best help that the state of Texas can offer and provide. My thoughts also go to Beunka Adams' children, who may soon lose their beloved father, and consideration must be put to their well being as well.

Beunka Adams’ family and friends recognize the fundamental change in his personality and aspirations. So the man facing execution by the state of Texas is very different from the teenaged boy who took part in the robbery of 2002.

Because of the above reasons and in the name of humanity, I beg that you should stop the execution and grant Beunka Adams a fair trial.

Thank you for your consideration to this important matter!


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