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#HelpSaveTyson before time runs out.

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On 4/30/16 due to a faulty knob latch on my front door, my dogs escaped my home while I was working. Unfortunately, my female pit mix Kili, allegedly attacked my neighbor's Akita as he was jogging. My American Bulldog, Tyson, supposedly hesitated but came running in, knocking the Akita over. In the mix, apparently the owner of the Akita was bit several times attempting to break up the situation. My  dogs were immediately taken from me for a 10 day quarantine. They are set to be released on Tuesday May 10. However, they are now considered "dangerous" by the state of Georgia and I will have to take extreme measures in order to keep them under my care. For example, they will have to live in a double fenced area. This essentially means a chain link kennel inside of another fence. The kennel must be buried 2 feet underground and cemented. I have been faced making the horrifying decision to have my Kili princess humanely euthanized. Sadly, she will be taken directly to the vet from animal control to do so, as she is not able to be released to me. But, I am not stopping there.

For anyone that has ever known me in the past 7 years, you know I am "that dog girl" constantly over obsessing over my canine babies. Thus, making this situation my true living hell. Everyone in my life knows that I have been a responsible and loving dog owner, spoiling them to pieces and sacrificing so much for my animals.

With that said, I have chosen to appeal the dangerous dog ordinance placed on Tyson, as we all know he is not an aggressive animal, but a big, loving, lazy teddy bear. I currently have statements in the report saying Kili was the aggressor in the incident. I am now creating this petition to bring to my appeal hearing in front of a board to prove my Tyson is NOT guilty in that he acted on pack intinction. By putting the aggressor in the situation down, he will be NO threat to society what-so-ever. All signatures will be so appreciated, and also any "character" letters for people that know Tyson well can be typed, signed, and mailed to me.

PLEASE! Help bring my sweet best friend Tyson home to me, to live the life he so deserves. 

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