Cheongju, Shut down the horrific dog farm in Chujeongri, relocate all dogs to the shelter!

Cheongju, Shut down the horrific dog farm in Chujeongri, relocate all dogs to the shelter!

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Cheongju, Shut down the dog farm/slaughterhouse in Chujeong-ri and immediately relocate all the dogs to the Cheongju City Shelter.

From Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE):

This is regarding a dog farm in Chujeong-ri, Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do province, South Korea, where a slaughterhouse and a dog meat restaurant were once operating together. Although the dog meat restaurant appears to have been closed, the dog farm still exists.

Below we share an excerpt from the report of a member who had recently visited this place.

"When we arrived, the dogs were howling in pain and distress.
This dog farm must be very old; the cages were made with wood. I have never seen raised wire cages that look like this. The conditions there were even more appalling than those at other dog farms I have seen due to its age. The dogs were perpetually confined to narrow, cramped cages, living on top of heaps of excrement with their swollen, painful paws. Excrement was piled high in their wire cages; the dogs’ stomach and paws were full of this filth. Among them, a pregnant dog was also seen. The mother was suffering in the same conditions and filth, just as her soon-to-be-born puppies surely would as well. 

Dirty bowls that looked as though they had not been washed in 10 years held rotten and moldy food waste that even the starving dogs couldn’t bring themselves to eat.

Life in that place, where even the light doesn’t come in, seemed so painful and miserable. Nevertheless, despite all that they have endured, the dogs that saw us seemed to welcome us with anticipation. It was so heartbreaking to see them so eager for us to pet them as if even the smallest gesture of affection would offer them a momentary reprieve from the hell in which they were living. Throughout the filming, they were crying out, clearly begging to be taken out of those cages and saved from their lives of torment.

I was heartbroken to look into the eyes of these dogs and see a glimmer of hope that we had come to rescue them from the daily suffering they endure in this horrible environment."

All the preparations for filing civil complaints against this dog farm/slaughterhouse are now complete. These civil complaints, which outline all illegal activities at this dog farm, are the best option we have to finally shut it down permanently.


Cheongju, shut down the dog farm/slaughterhouse in Chujeong-ri and immediately relocate all the dogs to the Cheongju City Shelter.


Dear Cheongju, Cheongju police, Chungcheongbuk-do Special Police, Prosecution Service,

Please watch the video and photos by Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE) and Dog Dream:

This illegal dog farm/slaughterhouse has been in operation for many years while the City of Cheongju has ignored the brutalizing and torture of innocent dogs. It’s time to put an end this once and for all.

We ask you to:
1. Immediately shut down the Chujeong-ri dog farm/slaughterhouse that CARE reported.
2. Relocate all the dogs from this dog farm to the Cheongju City Shelter and provide them with medical care, protection, and an opportunity to be adopted into a loving family.
3. Conduct a full investigation into multiple instances of animal cruelty. Prosecute and punish the dog farm owner to the fullest extent of the law.
4. Investigate all remaining dog farms in Cheongju, shut them down, and relocate all the dogs to the Cheongju city shelter.
5. Continue to monitor the city to prevent more illegal dog farms from emerging.
6. Educate your citizens on animal welfare and compassion.
7. Shut down illegal dog meat restaurants and so-called “health centers” (geongangwon).

Online petitions calling for your action in shutting down this dog farm/slaughterhouse and the end of the horrendous dog and cat meat industry in Cheongju is now in progress:

International coverage of the brutal dog and cat meat trade in South Korea has stained your city’s image. The time to end this tragedy is now. On behalf of all the animals suffering unimaginable cruelty in the dog and cat meat industry, we thank you in advance and await your reply.



청주시는 추정리 개농장·도살장을 폐쇄하고 그곳에서 극심한 학대를 받고있는 모든 개들을 즉각 청주시 보호소로 격리조치 해주실것을 강력히 촉구합니다.

청주시, 청주경찰, 충청북도특수경찰, 검찰에 청원합니다.

우선 동물권단체 케어와 독드림의 영상과 사진을 참고로 봐주시기 바랍니다.

청주시가 추정리에 위치한 이 개농장에서 일어나는 개들에게의 잔혹행위와 고문을 눈감아주고 있는동안 이 불법 개농장/도살장이 수십년째 운영되어왔습니다.

우리는 청주시에게 다음을 청원합니다.
1. 동물권단체 케어가 신고한 추정리 개농장/도축장을 즉시 폐쇄조치한다.
2. 이 개 농장의 모든 개들을 청주시 보호소로 격리조치, 치료와 보호, 사랑받으며 살수있는 가정에 입양될 기회를 제공한다.
3. 동물 학대에 대해 전면적인 조사를 실시한다. 개 농장 주인을 최대한 법의 범위 내에서 기소하고 처벌한다.
4. 청주에 남아있는 개농장들을 모두 조사, 폐쇄조치하고, 개농장/도살장 개들을 모두 청주시 보호소로 격리조치, 치료, 보호한다.
5. 더 많은 불법 개 농장이 생겨나지 않도록 청주시는 지속적으로 모니터링한다.
6. 청주시민들에게 동물 복지와 보호에 대한 교육을 제공한다.
7. 보신탕 식당과 개소주, 고양이소주를 판매하는 건강원를 모두 폐쇄한다.

이 개 농장/도살장을 폐쇄조치, 개들의 즉각적인 격리조치, 청주시의 끔찍한 개와 고양이 식용산업 종식을 촉구하는 청원이 현재 진행 중입니다.

청주시에서 자행되는 잔인한 개/고양이 식용산업에 대한 외신 보도가 청주시의 이미지를 크게 추락시키고 있습니다. 이 비극을 끝낼 때입니다! 청주시의 회신을 요청드립니다.

10,802 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!