Retailers, stop providing plastic bags!

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According to a TOI article from 2011, Chennai produces 429 tonnes of plastic waste per day. Not only are we are creating mountains of non-degradable waste in our city, but sending them into our pristine Bay of Bengal.  There have been instances of endangered whales getting killed due to plastic.  We have now reached a stage where sea salt contains micro particles of plastic. 

Consumers - please recycle your bags, keep them handy in your vehicles so that you don't have to get another one during a shopping trip. 

Retailers - Charging a fee for these bags is great and a 1st step that was started in 2011. However, it would make a world of difference, if you provide cloth/paper bags instead of plastic. 

Chennai people -  it is time we explain the consequences of continuing to use plastic to everyone that matters -  fruit vendors, flower vendors, peanut sellers so that we leave a cleaner city for the future generations.