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 Last week I had seen a two year old German Shepherd for sale by a lady who’s Facebook name is Tammy Dunagan. I inquired about the dog and we planned the next morning for me to drive 2 1/2 hours away to come get her. When her and I spoke on the phone I was told this was their house pet and they needed to down size on their dogs. I was told she was very friendly but was aware she had never been around children. When I arrive, I come with my two daughters and my best friend to greet our new family member. I let her know I had another dog and our home family dynamics. Well.. we all arrive.. to find multiple dogs locked up in kennels outside . Then out came “Dakota”.. I had everyone stay in the car because the environment was just inhumane and at this point rescue, I felt it best I introduce myself to her alone. The dog was running about and I call her name.. no reaction. I just talked it up to her not paying attention to my presence as a good thing. The husband calls over “Dakota” and she still just ran around. Seemed overly curious about her own yard.. suddenly she notices me and walks slowly over to me.. I reach down to pet her.. first attempt at a bite. Still they insisted German Shepherds are territorial, but once she got home she wouldn’t be like that because she was a sweetheart..  I am now watching the other dogs aggressively attack their cages and they kept assuring me, she’s the only nice one of the bunch. So then my attention quickly turns to half of her ear gone and bleeding and instantly turned to “has she been seen by a vet?”, their response “ No, we do all of their shots”.. So obviously I ask for proof and I was told they would have to look for hers because there was so many of them & it would be mailed out. Ha. At this point I walk slowly over to her again and once again.. she came inches from biting me in my face.. but I wanted to honestly have that ear looked at and once again knowing my German Shepherd breed we all we’re like “ she must be protecting her property”.. I was assured time and time again. Never had this dog shown any sign of aggression. I then began to ask about possibly seeing the border collies I had seen her post about and the wife now seems to not want to let me walk around the property and look at the living conditions of ALL of the dogs.. she just kept saying “ oh well their just little babies right now”, so I took that as I wasn’t seeing them. I knew the puppies would be sold quickly, but my inner “medic” kicked in my head and just wanted to take care of that ear for her. So I pay them cash, and he loads her up. We drive home with the most disgusted, yet frantic feeling of the situation and what was about to come. Tammy, hardly spoke to me and let her husband do all of the talking and I found that odd because she was the one on the phone telling me how much of a sweetheart this dog was and as soon as she saw hesitation in my eyes on sight, let her husband take over. When we arrive home with “Dakota”, I come to realize.. the hesitation of what her name was, was because she didn’t have one obviously until that day. Any house dog I know, raised its life in a home.. knows it’s name! She darts out of the back of our suv and I didn’t realize he tied her down, so she damn near was about to hang herself.. snarling and teeth showing.. I still was going to rescue this poor baby.. first actual broken skin bite.. but I got her loose. Very clearly never been on a leash.. now.. at this point. I have everyone go inside and settle in bed while I try to get myself aquatinted. She was PETRIFIED of my stairs. Had no idea what the hell she was even looking at, refused to even go near them. She just thrashed on the leash in fear of every branch that crunched under our feet. I couldn’t even touch her without teeth showing. After about an hour of relentless coaxing.. I got her up the.. I just made up her bed and sat on the opposite side of the room for a few hours talking to her. She wouldn’t come near me. She was petrified. It now being 10 at night, I had to contact my vet in the morning as well as local rescues as to what I should do. So I just let her be the rest of the night. Next morning, same routine. I Confided in a few rescues and my vet and we all agreed I was dealing with a very neglected, abused animal and it was best to surrender to a rescue. I messaged the woman the next day asking her for my money back because she knowingly sold me an animal that was aggressive, with children in the car, and still assured me she wouldn’t be like that. Not a single thing I was told was true about this dog. So I start doing some digging and come to realize.. this woman has been breeding those collies every few months.. back to back.. She’s not licensed. The German Shepherds she had told me started inbreeding and then she takes dogs as trades or free and resells them. So I contacted the proper authorities and figured morally, I could not allow this to happen to someone else, let alone the rest of those poor dogs .. but believe the nerve of this woman.. A week later attempts to sell me another one!! They smelled animal rescue activist all over my sucker face. She even said this one was friendly and then I see her trying to sell it as “ doesn’t do well with other dogs” , KNOWING I have another dog!! Please people.. beware of people like this.. if you see something, report it. Those animals didn’t deserve to live their lives outside in cages to be breeding machines. Oh and FYI, she deletes posts after sales go through in an obvious attempt to dispose of sales evidence.. luckily after extensive research we were able to go back and find she has been breeding those dogs a few times a year. As well as getting dogs on trade and free and reselling them with all false information on the dog. Making sure to never leave paper trails, to avoid having to report their sales. Failing to have documentation of the vaccines and medical attention these animals so desperately need. Failing to license or abide by what every responsible pet owner has to do. After using social media as a platform, I quickly came to know these two people Tammy Dunagan & Bob Bishop, and the real truth behind their lies. Many others have reached out to tell the truth about these people’s characters, the puppies that have been sold to them, the deplorable conditions these animals are forced to call home & the families left heartbroken. The numerous reports made on these people and the numerous agencies that have failed not only the dogs, but the community. Putting the public’s safety at risk with these animals being inbred so bad to the point where the aggression and chemicals in their brain as well as the medical issues are a danger to the neighbors, future families buying from them and the animals themselves. Neighbors have reported, concerned citizens as well as families who have taken in the aftermath of these people’s morally inhumane practices. Please show you’re support for the animals still left on that property & sign this petition. Reach out to the only authority who can prosecute this backwoods mill and save those animals. My goal is to see that those people never be allowed to own or sell another living breathing animal, again. Help bring closure to these animals & families. 

God bless

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