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A lot could happen in as little as 24 minutes. In the case of a poison gas accident or attack, you could be killed or injured. In fact, your life could depend on the direction of the wind, or how quickly you can evacuate. Don't take chances with your life. The Environmental Protection Agency has identified nearly 7,000 high-risk chemical facilities throughout the country that could kill or injure anywhere from 1,000 to more than a million people in the case of an accident or terrorist attack. Congress has the power to prevent this kind of tragedy. There are safe alternatives. More than 48 million people signed the Do Not Call list within 1 week. How much is your life worth? Sign the Do Not Kill List: Tell Congress how important your life and loved ones are to you.     This action is a public petition.

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U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
I strongly urge you to support a chemical security bill like H.R. 5577, the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Act of 2008 and/or even stronger chemical security legislation in the 111th Congress.

Did you know that an attack on one U.S. chemical plants could kill thousands of people, but despite the warnings, nothing has been done to prevent such a disaster? According to the EPA, there are about 100 chemical plants in the U.S. that each threaten a million or more people!

Please use your power in Congress to pass a law that would help save millions of Americans from undue danger.

A bill like H.R. 5577 would ensure the use of safer, cost-effective technologies to reduce the terrible consequences of a terrorist attack at a chemical plant. The current interim law bars safer technologies from being required and exempts thousands of dangerous chemical plants entirely while relying solely on conventional security - guards, gates, and fences for the rest. This won't reduce the staggering loss of life and injuries from a successful terrorist attack at a chemical plant.

Congress needs to pass a bill like H.R. 5577 to protect Americans and make safer technologies mandatory for chemical plants.

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