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Pass the Local Historic Landmarks Ordinance from the Members of the Save Lynnewood Hall Group

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The proposed Cheltenham Township local landmark, scattered historic site ordinance will help to prevent demolition by neglect and outright demolition of identified local landmark properties in Cheltenham Township. Right now the only historic properties in Cheltenham Township that have any local historic preservation protection are those in the defined La Mott and Wyncote historic districts. The local landmark, scattered historic site ordinance will provide reasonable safeguards for these properties including requiring documentation and hearings and justification before historic buildings on the properties can be demolished.

A new proposed development project is named Falcon Hill, which is the name of the historical mansion on the property that is proposed to be demolished as part of the development. Well that is rather sad. Naming your development after a key historic building you demolish is not a tribute. Also, after nine or so years of discussion, deliberation and consideration, Cheltenham Township still has not approved a scattered site local historic preservation ordinance, which could have saved the mansion. Are we going to wait as a community and Township until more historic buildings like Lynnewood Hall are demolished or are allowed to be demolished based on the plan development and review process before the Commisioners pass the ordinance?

In our estimation the Commissioners are acting irresponsibly and unreasonably. It has taken about nine years to develop and discuss but not yet pass or even hold a hearing on the proposed scattered site local historic preservation ordinance. We as a group know the Township is facing a lot of pressing issues but we are directing them as citizens and members of this group to complete the proposed ordinance, and to hold hearings and approve the ordinance. As we understand one of the key problems is that some of the Commissioners are seeking to create a perfect ordinance. This is unreasonable in our estimation and this practice of neglecting and avoiding to pass this ordinance is unconscionable. This practice has to end as it is resulting in the loss and deterioration of historic buildings that can never be replaced.

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