Let Mom's Emotional Support dog come home and stop eviction threats.

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My mother is a 84 year old woman who has cancer and a stomach  aneurysm that the doctors are trying to treat with blood pressure medication because surgery is too risky in her condition as frail as she is.

She lives in an apartment complex that allows animals and she has had her dog Lute for about 5 or 6 years now at that apartment. 

Recently she got a letter stating that she had to get rid of the dog or be evicted because she can't always get the dog outside because it has accidents in the house. and other so called house keeping issues that they claim. Lute is paper trained and only uses them at night when mom is affraid to let him out because of the area she lives in.

With mom's medical condition I got her a letter from her doctor stating that she needed this dog for emotional support and companionship. Even with the letter they were going to evict her because of the dog.  They were also trying to say the dog had mange because he has lost hair in places. As it turns out it only seems to be an allergy, possibly to his food.

They backed mom into a corner the other day that she had to give up her dog to the animal shelter. The animal shelter even says Lute should be placed back home with mom where he belongs, especially since he is a emotional support animal... 

With her condition she is supposed to stay as stress free as possible and the apartment managers know this. I can't stand to hear mom upset and crying that she wants her dog back. This will probably kill her...

I was unaware of these fake grass potty boxes designed especially for people who live in apartments that can't always get their dog out to go. My plan is to get one of these for him to use when mom can't let him out so that he don't use newspaper/puppy pads any longer where it soaks through if he is allowed back.

I had cleaned the carpets a couple weeks ago before moms "Inspection", and even the manager said it smelled better in the apartment and the carpet was cleaner, and this was while Lute was still present. 

Mom just wants her dog back home with her, and to enjoy the time she has left with him by her side without the drama and eviction threats from the apartment managers. She has enough to think about with her illness.

Even the dog warden and animal shelter say she should have Lute back in her condition. There was a federal ruling that emotional support animals can live anywhere with a person that needs them for safety and companionship.

Please let Lute come home where he belongs and quit the harrasment to my mother and let her enjoy the time she has left in her home with her dog that she needs so badly.

Thank you.

Jody Shaneyfelt,

Defiance Ohio

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