Make Sanitary Products Free/Cheaper To People Via A S Card, Like Contraception And Condoms

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It is discrimination that people should have to pay for sanitary products, such as Tampons and Pads for a natural process which happens once a month, when the C-card is issued to both men and women for something they choose to do, people don't choose to have periods.

It is affecting people from all walks of life, like youth's who are homeless, how are they expected to buy sanitary items? It is disgusting and dirty that they are expected to simply use tissue, when it can cause various infections. I think that this is something we can stop from happening.

Young people are skipping school simply because they cannot afford sanitary items, which shouldn't be happening, hence why I want to create a S-card, like a C-card where people are able to get sanitary products for free or at least cheaper by the NHS/Local community schemes, even fundraising which we can all take part in, to provide sanitary items at a local pharmacy, such as boots.  Teachers are even taking the issue into their own hands and paying for students’ sanitary products out of their own pocket - but because of the stigma surrounding periods, many students will feel unable to ask for help. 

Being homeless myself previously, I know first hand how it feels to go without sanitary products and I'm sure we have all been shocked by a sudden start of our periods and have used tissue as a result, and know how horrible it feels, the smell it creates and how dirty you feel downstairs, which can then affect your mental health.

A bill is about to go through the Scottish Parliament to make it a requirement for Scottish schools to provide free pads and tampons, so why can't this happen in England and Wales, but not just for young people in education, but people who may be having problems with a delay in benefits or none at all due to being homeless or sanctioned, and problems with a delay in being paid from work/Hardship funds or are not getting enough from work in order to be able to afford sanitary items.

Please sign and share this petition if you agree that this should no longer be happening, let's help the people of our community and stand together.