Boycott J.B.Handleys Hate Epidemic Against Autistic People!

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My name is Emma Dalmayne, I am an autistic mother to autistic children. I am CEO of an autistic led organisation called Autistic Inclusive Meets.

I am calling for a boycott. 

My children deserve to grow up and we deserve to live in a world that is accepting and inclusive, not one where they are labelled vaccine damaged, injured, an epidemic, a holocaust. 

J.B.Handley has long waged a hate campaign against autistic people. He is co founder of Generation Rescue, along with Jenny McCarthy.

They rely heavily on pseudoscience and heavily promote a cure and recovery for our neurological condition.

As Autism is not an illness or injury we say they are spreading false information for monetary gain.

Handley has a book coming out with Chelsea Green Publishing called How To End The Autism Epidemic.

When the autistic community objected to this misleading hate speech propaganda they were immediatley shut down and blocked from Handleys Facebook page.

They peddle the idea that autism is caused by vaccines, this theory has been disproven repeatedly.

We the autistic community call on a boycott of J.B.Handleys book and his publisher.

We call on bookshops and websites to not sell or promote this ableist, discriminatory book.