Stop the cutting of trees

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It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this, at one place people are talking about saving the environment and planting trees, about the rising pollution level in india specifically New Delhi, the prime minister Shri Narendra Modi has started swachh Bharat, Mr Arvind Kejriwal is talking about odd and even to reduce the pollution in Delhi. And where do all these talks go when there comes a huge article in Hindustan Times and Times of India about cutting 16,500 trees in Delhi. I'm devastated by this news and how the government is just sitting in their seats and doing nothing about it, "just by saying save trees they aren't saved". Just by starting odd and even won't get us anywhere unless each one of us realises that it is us who is going to be affected by all this. All this started a month back in Sundar Nagar where about hundred year old trees were being cut on a massive scale. The canopies that I came looking at since childhood are no more there, and wow this is what the government calls development. Development does not happen just by creating architecture. Development happens when every one person in the country gets benefitted. Its high time that the government of India should put a ban on cutting of trees, countries like Thailand has a ban on trees since 1988, and hello we are  in 2018! Singapore, United States of America, Australia etc. All have a ban on cutting of trees. And if still the government calls all this what's happening as Development, **applauses** for them, If this is development for you, the country's future stands nowhere. The slum and squatter settlements should rather be reconstructed into high rise buildings, as we are having absolutely zero profit by these non governmental settlements.