Protection of Livelihood of Lakhs of Goans through early Resumption of Mining in Goa.

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Mining Industry in the State of Goa has been a key contributor to socio economic development of the State.  The Industry has contributed keenly to the development of the State, whether it be developing critical infrastructure in the Health, Social, sporting or educational fields.


Despite the above mentioned facts there exists no industry as maligned as the Mining Industry in the State of Goa. People with their own selfish and illicit agenda are hell bent on destroying an industry and discrediting its contribution to the State of Goa.


It was on 7th February 2018, that the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India ordered the closure of mining operations in the State of Goa and after a short breathing space of 1 month mining operations were shut from 16th March 2018. From that day onwards all that the people engaged in the Mining industry in the State are hanging on are hopes and prayers that mining will resume at the earliest however days turned into weeks, weeks into months and Months in to a year but there is no solace to around 3 Lakhs People in the State of Goa.


Mining Industry in the State was the biggest industrial employer in the State providing employment and livelihood opportunities to at least 60,000 thousand Goans in the State. Truckers, mechanics, painters, small Teas stall owners and others derived their daily breads by associating with ancillary activities to the mining industry in the State of Goa.


After months of dillydallying finally the people who were engaged in the mining sector before the stoppage came together under the banner of Goa Mining People’s Front to press for their demands of resumption of mining activities in the Interest of 3 lakhs people in the State of Goa.


Goa Mining People’s Front (GMPF) has been diligently pursuing the matter of mining resumption in the State of Goa of Goa, the movement for protection of livelihood under the banner of GMPF has been a peaceful one which included Dharnas, rallies across the Goa and Delhi. Around 1000 people camped and protested in Delhi braving harsh winter conditions for 3 days between 11th  December and 13th December 2018.


GMPF delegations have met political luminaries across the State and Centre and has steadfastly pursued the matter. Everyone from the Prime Minister to the President, Union Law Minister to Union Mines Ministry, Hon’ble Nitin Gadkari, BJP National President Shri Amit Shah and others have been met and briefed on  the matter and have expressed their support for the mining resumption in the State of Goa.

Recently during a Mega Election Rally, in the State of Goa on 9th of February the National President mentioned that Goa being a small State the BJP is aware of the issues faced by the Mining Dependents in the State and as such the BJP Government shall resume mining in Goa through each and every possible effort. Shri. Amit Shah also mentioned that despite his bad health the Goa CM Shri. Manohar Parrikar calls every now and than to seek the help of central government to resume mining operations in the State at the earliest.

However the question remain how long can someone keep on persevering in the face of adversity, it been a year thousand have not earned a single penny. Soon Many more may be left with no source of livelihood. Instances of loan defaults, seizure of properties etc are on the rise in the State of Goa. If Mining Doesn’t restart at the earliest there exists a strong possibility that the state may never recover from the social and economic point of view.

We therefore would like to urge all who are addressed in this petition to kindly take up the matter and aid us in resuming mining operations in the State of Goa.