Animal Abuse Charges Against Riverton City Police Officers

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Two of your city police officers abused my five dogs and our litter of 9 puppies that we are traveling and moving across the country with. One of these two officers gave falsified information on his name. It is easy to conclude everything else about the situation including the 4 citations that I was given in the accusations of animal abuse are all alike as well as his lies in regards to his identity which is my civil right to know. Besides these two officers there was a female Sheriff on the scene. It turns out that Sergeant Stephan Sullivan who gave me a fictitious name just so happens to be the husband of this female Sheriff. I have ample evidence that these animals were never abused! We are moving from North Dakota to Nevada we stopped in Your town for car repairs only. We were not here for nor did I ever expect to  have fausle charges, terrorized and forced to watch our pets be abused by your law enforcement officers. According to the Fedral Law under Homeland Terrorist Acts for an individual to be surrounded by three or more people is considered gang stalking which is exactly what you're officers did to me and my son by not divulging there legal identity! At this time we are demanding animal abuse charges be brought about upon these officers!