Bring MEHKO'S to more California counties & your state! Micro Enterprise Home Restaurants

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The Chef Jeff Henderson story is proof in the pudding more California counties and US States need to adopt Micro Enterprise Home Kitchen Operations! MEHKO'S!

Prisoners in Cook County jail are being taught by a chef to make pizza to gain life skills.  MEHKO's would give them a real work opportunity!

How many Pizza's are ordered each night?

My Alma mater the Culinary Institute of America this fall has the largest single class in CIA history ever, at nearly 800 students. Entry level jobs are there, but not ones at the higher levels.

I applied to a food service contractor from 6/26/13-11/1/2019 over 25 jobs and I have not even been granted a cooking test interview.  Despite my continuing education, recipe contest wins, updated Certified Executive Chef certification, and my summer employer reference, I can not get a full-time year round chef job commensurate with my experience.

In 2018, California adopted my Nation's Restaurant News 2008 published suggestions that "more independent type restaurants would create more work for us and bring healthier food to our communities.

California adopted AB 626 to "support healthy communities and economically empower talented home cooks to attain income self-sufficiency."

In Milan, Italy there prison restaurant program has a recidivism rate of just of just 17%, where California reports 65%. A no brainier here, this is a real chance to be a contribution to society.

Chefs, Cooks, and Bakers also need this opportunity, Please sign this petition!