Convince Abyssrium to support Ocean Conservation

As players of Abyssrium we love the effort and attention to detail that Cheetah Games, the developers, have put into creating such a beautiful gaming environment and recreating so many types of sea life.

Sadly many of the species depicted in the game are under threat due to global warming, acid bleaching, marine pollution, fishing practices, and noise pollution.

Cheetah Games are in a unique position as developers of one of the best games of 2016 and probably the most popular aquarium type game of all time. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could use that as a platform to raise awareness and acheive real change to protect our oceans?

We propose that Cheetah Games form relationships with ocean conservation charities and incorporate charity donations into Abyssrium. There are so many ways that this could tie in with the game. The high value in app purchases could include a donation to charity. The developer could run social media campaigns around key dates such as World Ocean Day, World Whale Day and World Shark day, and donate to charity when players share photos of a certain species. 

This is something that many players of the game feel strongly about and would proudly support. Cheetah Games have used the beauty and bio-diversity of the oceans as a basis for Abyssrium, it is time to give something back.

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