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Cheese is Made from Milk! Slow Food says NO to the use of powdered milk in cheese. Sign the petition before the end of September!


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Italian law currently bans the use of powdered milk to make cheese. It is a law that significantly contributes to the protection of the country’s immense heritage of cheeses.

Now the European Commission, under pressure from the Italian dairy industry, is asking Italy to change the law by the end of September in order to guarantee the free movement of goods.

This is not the first time that an attempt has been made to lower standards in the name of the free market, at the expense of both consumers and quality producers. Milk powder is not harmful to health, but using it to make cheeses leads to nothing but increased profits for the giants of the dairy industry and the standardization of a product that should reflect the biodiversity of milk, animals and geography.

If Italy were to allow the production of powdered milk cheeses it would do nothing but increase consumer confusion, further penalizing good products.

Let’s not take a step backwards away from quality and sustainability. Instead, let’s take a step forwards and ask all European countries to agree to a very simple principle: Cheese is made from milk!

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