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Cheap Trick: Please cancel Seaworld performance

Cheaptrick Rick Nielsen Tom Petersson Robin Zander Daxx Nielsen  

Please follow the great example lead by the Barenaked Ladies, Willie Nelson, and Heart, and reconsider playing at Seaworld Orlando Feb 2014.

You're an iconic band and have a great responsibility to do the right thing and let people know that you will not be apart of something so cruel.

Watch Blackfish. Think about how much these wild, intelligent orcas suffer to perform CHEAP TRICKS for some fish treats.

Future generations may be able to look back at the time when Seaworld shut down and was unable to book a single performer as they all backed out.

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Please cancel your Seaworld performance like the Barenaked Ladies, Heart, and Willie Nelson did! You'll gain a lot of new fans if you make this kind choice!