Make backyard chickens legal in the city of Chatham Ontario.

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    Many urban areas are allowing residents to own backyard chickens including Windsor, Toronto, Kingston, Brampton, Niagara Falls, Guelph, Kitchener, and New Market to name a few.  Currently the City of Chatham does not allow residents to have chickens.
    We believe that small-scale chicken keeping is a healthy, economic and sustainable way to feed and enrich our families and our community. Keeping backyard chickens is also a step in the right direction to lessen our carbon foot print and help with climate change.                                                                                              Besides making great pets, hens provide us with fresh eggs and encourage local sustainable living. The ability to raise chickens offers educational opportunities for our children. Chickens serve as a natural alternative to pesticides by eating bugs and insects, including fleas and disease-spreading ticks. Chickens also eat weeds and chicken manure serves as an excellent fertilizer for lawns and gardens. Backyard chickens provide many benefits, which is why many towns and cities across the country now permit their residents to raise backyard chickens.
    By signing this petition, you’ll be telling the City of Chatham, Ontario, that you think Chatham residents should be able to raise chickens organically, free of hormones and antibiotics, and let them enjoy a grassy backyard instead of the terrible conditions so unfortunately common in factory farm chickens.
    The two most common concerns residents have regarding urban chickens are noise and smell. Hens are very quiet animals. As for smell, it is true that any animal leaves behind waste. Just as dog owners are expected to clean up their pet's waste, so should chicken owners. In fact, the very same ordinances that allow for chickens in our surrounding communities require chickens be kept in sanitary conditions just as other pet owners are expected to do. Use your given rights to vote for this change and sign the petition to bring chickens to Chatham!