To overturn the decision not to let Beach High School play in the state tournament

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The Beach High School Lady Bulldogs have worked hard to make it to the state tournament.  These young ladies have overcome covid, played through the pandemic, and cannot have any social contact with their classmates.  We do not condone the actions on Thursday night between them and Savannah High, but when is it too much. They have been stripped of their title as number 1 in the region; why take away the chance to compete for the state as well. The game was over, and the girls deemed it okay to attempt to break up the fight; otherwise, they would have never left the bench.  Many of our girls stood against violence; it was about camaraderie and sisterhood.  These girls showed restraint and should not be punished for that.  We are reaching out to the community to help us help our girls. The girls, coaches, and parents want to see them achieve this milestone in their high school careers.  Every year these young ladies overcome obstacles and many difficulties showing that they are elite and deserve all the great things afforded to them. Our coach is the epitome of class and peace, and she expects nothing less from the girls and parents.  Let's show the SCCPSS that the community believes and support these young ladies.  Please sign our petition and show your support.