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Chase Bank is attempting to force me and my husband out of our home of Powell, Missouri.  

In 2007, we fell victim to a "mortgage rate swap" scheme. When we were in the market to buy, our home dealer told us that our monthly payments would be $548/mo. There was even a contract that laid out the numbers, in black and white.

However, the day of the signing, we were informed that our loan had just been bought by JP Morgan Chase, and that the actual monthly payment was going to be $848/mo—$300 more than what was originally agreed upon.

We were shocked and confused, to say the least, but didn’t want our dream of owning a home to die.  So, we signed.  

Almost immediately after the signing, the company that built our home called and told us that there were a number of things that needed to be updated on the property--install a new septic tank, a foundation block, new carpet, etc.

The maintenance costs started adding up, and we foresaw some tight financial times, so we contacted Chase bank for relief.

After months of back and forth, Chase told us that they were unwilling to lower our payments to help us stay in our home.

To make matters worse, in January of this year, my husband suffered from an Atrial fibrillation heart attack and was placed on disability. 

Almost overnight, we were forced to live on a fixed income of $1131/mo through Social Security, and we soon fell behind on our mortgage payments.

We contacted Chase again, knowing that we qualified for a permanent loan modification under HAMP.  The "best" solution the bank would offer was an $1171/mo payment--$40 more than our entire monthly income.  Chase is aware of our financial constraints and the original agreement, but they refuse to provide any type of real relief.

We need a reasonable loan modification, and for the bank to recognize the original agreement that was made with the home dealer company before Chase bought the loan.

JP Morgan Chase has the opportunity to do the right thing for Louis and me, but we need your help to put public pressure on the bank. 

Will you please sign my petition?


Letter to
Spokesperson, JP Morgan Chase Thomas Kelly
President and CEO, JP Morgan Chase Jamie Dimon
Home Lending Executive Office Supervisor, JP Morgan Chase Kevin Cook
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JPMorgan Chase
For four years now, Kim Cassidy and her husband have been trying to work with JP Morgan Chase to modify their home loan to the original agreement set up by our home dealer, Value Homes.

In 2007, the Cassidy's were told by Value Homes that their mortgage payments would total $548/mo. There was even a contract that laid out these terms.

However, the day of the signing, they were informed that the loan had just been bought by JP Morgan Chase, and that the actual monthly payment was going to be $848/mo—$300 more than what was originally agreed upon.

The Cassidy's now take in $1131/mo from Social Security, and are now being asked to pay $1171/mo to Chase--$40 more than their entire monthly income.

We're asking JP Morgan Chase to work with the Cassidy family to permanently modify their loan. All this family is asking is for Chase to honor their original payment plan of $548/mo.

As the nation's largest bank, Chase can make a difference in easing our nation's foreclosure crisis. Please, do the right thing, and help keep this elderly couple in their Missouri home.


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