Save Charlotte's Tree Canopy and Wild Green Spaces!

Save Charlotte's Tree Canopy and Wild Green Spaces!

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Please - The Trees Urgently Need Your Help!

The word of the Lorax seems perfectly clear...Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.  It’s not.”  Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

Charlotte is losing 3 football fields of trees daily.  

We must institute robust and effective ordinances to protect residential trees, wild green spaces and prevent rampant clear cutting by developers.

The Issue

We are losing acres of trees daily with no immediate end in sight.  We need citizen outcry to demand our city leaders to implement and enforce effective tree preservation ordinances.  

The Time is Running Out!

City leaders are asking for citizen input over the next few weeks before deciding the future of our tree canopy.

Development should not manipulate and destroy natural resources and beauty to accommodate a "one-size fits all" easy roll out build.

Please sign and share this petition to let our leaders know that you want future development to enhance and preserve our natural environment, not destroy it!  

The Solution

The creation of a Unified Environmental Protective Ordinance (UEPO) to balance the existing Unified Development Ordinance (UDO).  The UEPO could include the following:

1) Retain the 50% by 2050 Tree Canopy goal

2) Update the option for developers to “pay in lieu” of preserving existing trees based on current tax values (versus outdated tax values of 2012)

3) Institute strong tree preservation ordinances for all property types.  This includes private residential (existing/new developments), business, industrial and single/multiple family dwellings: 

  • a significant per tree fine if permitting is violated
  •  developers are responsible for the cost of a local certified city appointed arborist to provide guidance and confirm adherence to tree ordinances throughout the process.  If development includes a protected area, confirm proper protective barriers are intact and three feet beyond the tree drip line.  Daily penalties accrue for non-compliance
  • require 25% of the property acreage to be an undisturbed “Tree Save Area." If there are no existing trees and it is not possible to plant, 10% of the current year’s property tax value would be paid by the buyer or developer into a Charlotte Tree Fund.  This fund will be used for the costs related to ordinance enforcement, education/certification and the purchase of land for conservation (i.e. passive use wild green spaces, pocket parks, corridors)
  • require a Charlotte Tree Care Certificate to remove trees.  Taught by certified arborists, this course would require passing an exam covering tree trimming/removal basics, tree health and local ordinances.  The certificate must be posted during trimming/removal services
  • permits must be posted on the front of the property for removing/trimming trees equal to or greater than 12 inches diameter at the height of 4.5 feet (DBH - diameter at breast height)               

How do we implement these goals?

  • Boots on the ground!  Interested volunteers, conservation groups, etc.. become official “Charlotte City of Trees Advocates.”  These volunteers take a course and become certified to be the arborists’ eyes and ears monitoring permit displays, observing/reporting violations and serving as ambassadors for good tree practices
  • Tax incentives for participating arborists prorated on the number of human hours they commit to the program
  • Recognition/incentives for developers who comply and exceed eco-friendly practices
  • Communication through news media, social media, public representatives and organizations to inform and gain ongoing support from Charlotte’s citizens    

Thank you for your support!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!