End workplace harassment at 7th St. Public Market

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A few days ago I came forward about the harassment that I, a local business owner located within the 7th Street Public Market, experienced from Adam Spears, the owner of Local Loaf and vendor at the 7th Street Public Market.

For a detailed explanation, you can read more here: www.gateaubaking.co

In the 48 hours since I went public with my experiences, my post has hit over 20k views and my story has been picked up by various local news outlets, but the momentum shouldn’t just stop there. My intent is to help create a positive, lasting change so that no one else who works in the 7th Street Market has to experience what I’ve been through.

I ask that you stand by me as I demand a formal meeting with the 7th Street Market Board of Directors and owners on Tuesday, April 3rd (instead of our usual monthly owners meeting). In that meeting, my requests will be that:

1. Local Loaf is moved out of the 7th Street Market within 60 days.

2. Adam Spears is banned from 7th Street Market property effective immediately.

3. All 7th Street Market staff and management is given a comprehensive harassment training by an appropriate, qualified HR professional.

4. A formal code of conduct is formed to proactively address harassment issues if/when they arise in the future at the 7th Street Market.

With my own testimony, support from other vendors at the market, and you- market patrons and members of the community- 7th Street Market officials will be forced to face this head on, instead of brushing it under the rug and shrugging me off as they have in the past.

Please sign this petition and make a stand. Ignoring harrasment not an option anymore. Time is up.

-Cara Jorgensen, Owner and Head Baker at The Gateau Baking Co.

If you’d like to reach out, feel free to email gateaubakingcompany@gmail.com