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Charlie Zelenoff is a delusional amateur boxer who is a danger to society and to himself. 

Many know Zelenoff as the boxing troll Deontay Wilder put to shame after years of Zelenoff harassing Wilder through social media and phone calls. But this incident is just the latest chapter in Zelenoff’s bizarre 6-year “boxing” career, which includes stalking female celebrities, creating phony championship belts, and putting out videos boasting about his meth and hooker addiction.



May 3, 2008 - ANDREW HARTLEY 
Zelenoff makes his boxing debut against Andrew Hartley. After taking a pounding, Zelenoff frustratedly spit out his mouthguard and was warned he’d be disqualified if he did it again, which Zelenoff responded by spitting it out again. Zelenoff was disqualified and lost his first match, but he does not acknowledge this loss.

After three years of harassment, Zelenoff finally got his rematch against Hartley. However, minutes before the match, Zelenoff backs out. As Hartley was changing back into his street clothes, Zelenoff sucker-punched Hartley and claims he knocked Hartley out, despite video that shows the contrary. 

November 2011 - FLOYD MAYWEATHER SR.
In the middle of the bout, Zelenoff, 23 at the time, appeared to give up and prepared to exit the ring; but as soon as Mayweather turned his back, Zelenoff jumped back into the ring and sucker-punched the 61-year-old man.

2011, 2012 - KIM KARDASHIAN
Throughout 2011, Zelenoff made numerous attempts to get Kim Kardashian to go on a date with him, going so far as to create a petition on He made numerous videos trying to woo Kardashian and left hundreds of posts  on various social media pages dedicated to Kardashian. Here are a few of those comments:
“Just an offer Beautiful. next time you go there ask for my number and call me yourself they know my # or have them call me and i can just meet you there i live 5 min away... dont even take any money with you ill pay for you and ill tip the restaurant after.... [I’m] suppose to fight on PPV this summer in germany K2 Promotions million dollar fight...i can take you out on a date to that restaurant 414 nate n al's restaurant Rodeo Drive then youll know me in real life youll see for yourself that im a good guy and then if you want, i can buy you a ticket and hook your security up with tickets for my TV Fight...”

Zelenoff spent 70 days in jail for armed robbery (F PC211 Robbery) in West Hollywood. His bail was $30,000. Zelenoff claims he was arrested after assaulting a couple of guys who were bad-mouthing him. Zelenoff posted this after his release:
“so whos in fantasy land huh????? i kod 2 people in 1 day bitch ass haters got owned man... i got arrested for 245 A Felony thats Aggravated Assault With a Deadly Weapon (my hands) i proved you fucking idiots wrong...”
Zelenoff added two more wins to his record, considering these assaults as legitimate bouts. 


May 7, 2014 - DEONTAY WILDER
Wilder embarrassed Zelenoff at the Hollywood Boxing gym. 

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