Increase Bereavement Leave for all Grieving Families in Massachusetts

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Some 89% of employers have a bereavement-leave policy, up from 81% in 2016.

But the policies tend to define family narrowly and allow as few as three days off for a death in the family.

My Dad, well-known Massachusetts Defense Attorney John Madaio, was 63 years old when he was killed suddenly on August 13, 2018 when a crowbar came through his windshield and struck him in the head.

The experience shocked me to the core and left my family reeling.

My employer was far more generous and compassionate than most, giving me over two weeks time-off before returning to work- and, though work has helped quite a bit at times, still almost two years later we are still coping with his death and the impact grief has had on us.

The standard bereavement leave doesn’t take into account the logistics of managing a death.

People think you’re just attending services or curled up in bed. But in reality, we’d never been busier. There are a vast amount of arrangements to take care of before the grief ever truly sets in.

The standard bereavement leave doesn’t take into account the complexities of managing grief in the workplace.

Please sign this petition to ask the government to not only make a standard, but increase bereavement leave to protect other families.