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Remove Chick-fil-A from the lunch room

Wando students are the future. We are incredibly diverse and talented, we all have dreams and want to go places, and we have the ability to do so. We need a school that supports us, that encourages us to do the things in our life that we are destined to do. Offering Chick-fil-A in our lunch room does the opposite of support, it hold us back. Chick-fil-A spends millions of it's dollars to keep non-heterosexual students from reaching that future. By keeping Chick-fil-A in our school, Wando is sending the wrong kind of message to it's students, it is saying that it supports and encourages Chick-fil-A's actions. We need Chick-fil-A out of our school, so that a constant reminder of hate is not hanging above the heads of the Wando student body. We need a positive school, a progressive school, a school that supports only those that make us better.

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