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Warren Buffett Needs to Speak Out Against the DAPL

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This is regarding the ongoing issue with the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) that has been avoided by the mainstream media but stands to affect nearly 20 million Americans and their drinking water.

As of the date this petition was written, Tuesday, February 7, 2017, the Army Corps of Engineers has approved the final easement required to allow Energy Transfer Partners to begin drilling under a water source that when, not if, this pipeline bursts, could poison the Missouri River, America's second largest source of water.

It has been difficult enough to watch through the media while the US government again repeated history and damaged the sacred grounds of the people who own that land by right of the Fort Laramie treaty. They were attacked by dogs, shot with pepper spray, assaulted with water cannons in freezing temperatures. To those who honor history, this is not how American citizens, especially the Natives to the land ought to be treated when defending what is rightfully theirs.

Fast forward to today and the easement was granted 6-18 months ahead of scheduled which is the amount of time it should have taken to perform an investigation for an environmental impact report which was REQUIRED at the time the original easement was blocked.

As your holding company, Berkshire Hathaway, has major holdings in Phillips 66 who is one of the major investors in the Dakota Access Pipeline, we the people are asking that you speak out against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline in Standing Rock not only for the native people who rightfully own the land but for the millions it could affect in the eventuality that the pipeline bursts underneath a major water source.

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