Install gates at Arla Place to stop antisocial behaviour and harassment (The Old Dairy)

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There have been numerous incidents of antisocial behaviour within the new development at Arla Place largely caused by teenagers that do not live here. This antisocial behaviour is occurring more and more frequently and increasing in severity; and despite the efforts of the residents and the police the offenders keep threatening us and coming back. We have been exposed to speeding bikes making pedestrians trip, harassment, sexual abuse, drug dealers and exchanges, property damage (buildings, cars, mailboxes, water supplies), fire caused by teenagers (inside the bin storage), threats to residents; just to mention a couple.

Keeping in mind that the playgrounds for our kids are right in the pathway and everyone has access to them, we feel the urge to do something to protect our kids from harassment, violence or even child abduction.

Concerned about the increasing antisocial behaviour in our neighbourhood caused by these teenagers; aware that these actions are draining police resources; and worried for the safety of our families, kids and personal property; we hereby request the installation of gates (as some of us were promised by Bellway’s sales team before we bought our properties) around our development so the security, safety, privacy and wellbeing of the residents can be guaranteed.

Based on the discussions the local police had with our community stressing the need of gates, we are confident that installing them (and limit the access only to residents) will help reduce or eliminate the antisocial behaviour making this neighbourhood safe again thereby reducing the strain placed on police resources.  

We ask Trinity, Bellway and Hillingdon Council to review all the criminal actions that have taken place here and revisit the permission to install gates within the Arla Place development; and we ask Bellway/Trinity to (if approved) proceed with such installation.