Petition the Charity Commission and the National Crime Agency to Urgently Investigate AKF

Petition the Charity Commission and the National Crime Agency to Urgently Investigate AKF

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A Younas started this petition to Charity Commission and


Petition the Charity Commission and the National Crime Agency to Urgently Investigate Al-Khair Foundation.

This petition arose as a result of glaring irregularities that have been observed in the operational functioning of Al-Khair Foundation.

The contributing factors are numerous. However, the causal link of the irregularities and the wanton corruption at the Charity is attributed to several factors. The first being the weak and almost non-existent governance structure of the Charity.

The second being, the presence of individuals with a 'yes man' culture who refuse to challenge the status quo of 'rampant corruption and pillaging of donor funds' because they are either themselves complicit or simply do not wish to challenge corrupt practices for fear of being targeted.

The third and fourth contributing factors are, the ineffectiveness of the Board of Trustees and the role of the Chairman (Qasim Rashid) and his family in the running of the Charity. Al-Khair Foundation is essentially a family run business operating under the guise of a charity, its sole purpose is simply that of enriching the Founder Qasim Rashid Ahmed, his family and close associates.

Based on the above observations, it became noticeably apparent to me and others, that these issues of concerns cannot be addressed without the intervention of the regulatory body that governs charities in the United Kingdom, the Charity Commission and the National Crime Agency whose remit it is, to investigate major crimes.

Forensic accountants need to drill deep to ascertain the many gaping irregularities of misappropriation of funds that were given in good faith for specific charity work along with other charity friendly members being fully involved.

We hope that the Charity Commissions intervention and that of the National Crime Agency will provide answers to the questions outlined below:

Why the charity is purchasing countless properties in the UK using donor funds. Although, the relevant consent has not been obtained from donors?

The above practice has been engaged in since 2010 and some of the properties outlined below may be and are examples of unlawful practice that fund should have been ring fenced for the purpose given:

1. The property located at 109-121 Cherry Orchard Road Croydon, CR0 6BE.

2. The property located at Mission House 34B Pitlake, Croydon, CR0 3RA.

3. The property is located at 36 Pitlake, Croydon, CR0 3RA.

4. The property is located at 918 Manchester Road Bradford, BD5 8DH.

5. The property located at 23 Grimwade Avenue CR0 5DJ

6. The property that houses Al-Khair Oldbury School that is located at 61-63 Causeway Green Road, Oldbury, B68 8LR.

7. The property that houses the Manchester Studio of Al-Khair Foundation subsidiary business. This property has a market value of approximately £5 million.

8. The Property located at 29 Mapledale Avenue, CR0 5TG 

9. The Property located at Leicester Masjis Dawat Ul Haq.

10. The Vine Pub located at Birmingham.

Al Khair has 6 Offices in UK which have on rent and they paid £ 0.4 Million only rent cost annually against these.

Can Al Khair foundation justify their staff cost which is £ 2.7 Million annually only in UK.

Large amounts of Cash Not accounted for, shown or banked Family members purchasing properties in CASH

Funding of Madrassas in UK and abroad not fully authorized. Transferring Cash Funds abroad not using appropriate channels. Gifts in cash, Gold and Expensive items not fully declared.

Al-Khair Foundation has four television Channels 

These channels forms the portfolio of its subsidiary businesses and the charity spends a little over £3 million on an annual basis to keep these channels operational. 

The names of these channels are:
1. Channel I UK ltd
2. International Television Channel UK ltd
3. Islam TV
4. Runner TV

Can Al-Khair Foundation provide any evidence of the origins of the funds used to keep these channels operational?

Al Khair Foundation Water Housing and Masjid Appeals

Al-Khair Foundation raised very large amounts, much of it in Cash for Haiti and above highlighted projects and their fundraising  are still going on. However, these funds and its subsequent use are still not accounted for.

Over  £3.5 Million just for Pakistan Dam appeal and as of the date of this petition going live, the charity continues to raise funds for this project.

Can Al-Khair Foundation provide any evidence of where and how money collected from donations have gone or are they buying Properties using DAM FUNDS. Running and funding various TV stations?

Subsidising the loss making UK Schools and others including Building works.

Additional questions for the Chairman (Qasim Rashid Ahmed), CEO Shuaib Yusaf and the Trustees of Al-Khair Foundation.

(1) Why did the Charity purchase the properties mentioned above that costs the charity in excess of £30 Million?
(2) The Chairman of Al-Khair Foundation, Qasim Rashid Ahmed, stated on IQRA TV Channel that he installed 20 Deep boreholes in Africa worth over £100,000 each. 

 Can Al Khair Foundation provide any evidence where they installed these deep boreholes in Africa via his own TV Channel’s?
(3) Al Khair Foundation has raised £7 Million in the name of Project called (water 4 Africa) for the last seven years. However, it has not delivered what they have raised and less   than 10% of the funds received from donors have been used to deliver on this project. As a result, thousands of intended beneficiaries continue to suffer and some have died because of the non-availability of clean water. Why have the donations collected not been used as was the wishes of the donors?

(4) Elliot Wolfe, Rose is the Auditor of Al Khair Foundation for the last 12 Years. However, their license needs to be revoked as they are equally complicit in assisting the charity  to engage in criminal behavior. 

These and many other blatant money trails will come to light and answer cash distribution to friends, family and other associates involved in this large scale web of cash money deception

Why has the "Board Trustees" (family and friends) of the Charity not acted to remedy these issues?

Please assist the donors in getting answers to these important questions and to end the culture of corruption, criminal conduct, financial impropriety and misuse of donor funds by Al-Khair Foundation.


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