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Charge Trayvon Martin's Killer

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Murdering an unarmed teenager who has not did anything wrong, that you have been following in your car for no other apparent reason other than to harass that him is illegal. Going out 'hunting' for a Black person to murder is illegal. Zimmerman should be charged with the murder of this unarmed teenager who was doing nothing but walking back home from the store after going walking to the store to purchase a bag of skittles during half-time of the game he was at home watching with his father. "Zimmerman tailed Martin by car for several blocks before jumping out of his vehicle on the evening of Sunday, Feb. 26, and confronting the high school junior face to face. Within moments, Martin, whose father has long lived in the area, lay bleeding to death from a gunshot blast to the chest. When police finally arrived, they found Zimmerman still standing over the youth's lifeless body, a gun visibly tucked in his waistband." Zimmerman has been described as a "loose cannon" who and "Since the shooting, a former community resident has stepped forward to describe Zimmerman and other neighborhood watch members as "drunks, trouble-makers and lunatics."

Trayvon's father has said, "When I asked the police why there's been no arrest, they told me they respected Zimmerman's background, that he studied criminal justice for four years and that he was squeaky clean," said Tracy Martin. "My question to them was, did they run my child's background check? I asked them what they came up with, and they said nothing. If the shoes were on the other foot, and my son had done the shooting, he would be locked up right now."

I am asking that everyone to sign this petition because no one should be able to kill another human being just for no apparent reason and get away with it. Zimmerman had already called the police to report a "suspicious" person and instead of waiting for police to arrive or following instructions from the police, he chose to jump out of his car after following this teenager several blocks for no apparent reason and by the time the police arrived on the scene, Zimmerman was standing over this child dead body with a gun tucked in his waistband after shooting this child in the chest.

We cannot live in a country where people are allowed to get away with murder, we should not live in a country where racists, bigots, and zealots are free to roam around killing those that they do not like, or have racial hatred for, or believe should not be here, or believe should be in a particular place or neighborhood or side of town, or anywhere. We cannot live in a country where everyone and the police turn their head at vigilantism. We should not live in a country where people can get away with murdering another person, where nothing is done about it .

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