Charge K. Z. for Racist Hate Crime and Child Abuse

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"Minding my own business listening to my music on my way home and this woman starts pointing at me and ranting while her child is scribbling on @takethettc property. She took her child's marker and wrote a message and pointed at me. Scroll to see the message. #blacklivesmatter" 

On June 26th K. Z. scribbled on the TTC, in front of her child to teach him, "N***** are '0'" while ranting to him pointing at a woman of colour. She has been known for using the N word repetitively, and is now teaching her child this same hatred. There have been multiple allegations about this woman's public displays of Racism in the past before this incident even happened. Enough. 


-We demand that children's services evaluate K. Z. on whether or not she is fit to be a mother. Racism must be treated as a children's aid issue. 

-We demand that charges are pressed against K. Z. for committing a HATE CRIME and CHILD ABUSE.

A Hate/Bias Crime, as directly defined by Metropolitan Toronto Police Force, is:

"A criminal offence committed against a person or property that is based solely upon the victim's race, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender or disability." - via 

There is no room for Racism in Toronto. We must begin laying proper charges of Hate Crime towards blatant and outward acts of Racism. Please sign and share.

Edit: K. Z. 's full name is not being shared by police but she has been identified through social media, which she has since removed.