Partial Reimbursement of Semester Tuition by Chapman University for Moving Classes Online

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College is an extremely expensive investment, and the projected cost of attendance for 2020 at Chapman ranges from $70-80k. Were we not living through a global pandemic, this cost would be warranted. However, as families across the country - and the world - struggle in this uncertain economy, it is simply not logical to ask students to pay for an in-person education while we take all online/hybrid classes. Most of us chose Chapman University for its personalized learning structure, and as classes go online/mostly online, we are no longer afforded the in person experience we are paying so much for.

When students and their families agreed to pay the tuition bill and bear the financial burden of attending Chapman University, they signed up for a state of the art education that Chapman promises incoming students year to year. For many, switching to online classes or even majorly online classes has interrupted their capstone projects, decreased the quality of education for skills crucial to their career, and/or simply made it unable for them to access facilities that are essential to their learning such as labs and studios.

To ask students to pay this much, especially during these times of uncertainty, is unfair, and incredibly disheartening.

Our inability to receive in-person instruction is worth thousands of dollars in justified returns.

As students and their families face unprecedented times and struggles, we ask that Chapman University supports its community by providing a tuition discount for Fall 2020 at the least, or until classes resume in-person full time.