Justice for George Dreher

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On June 18th, 2017 in Chapin, South Carolina, George Dreher, a 22-year-old black man, died after a drunk driver, Logan Bird (white 19 year old girl and daughter of a high ranked highway patrolman), hit George on Westwood Drive and drove off, leaving him to die. Cameras at a dump nearby see Logan turn around twice to go back towards the scene, where she claims she did not see Georges body laying in the road, so she did not report it. Only a couple of hours later, someone saw George dead in the road and called in the accident. Even though there was blood found underneath Logan’s car, and video evidence of her going back to the crime scene twice, and her car was in the shop for 4 days after the incident, SC Highway Patrol did not investigate, allegedly, because of internal affairs. 

We strongly believe this case deserves an investigation, but Logans reputation was more important than investigation of George's death. There was no justice served for George's Mom, his Dad, his Grandparents, and his Friends. This situation is heartbreaking and entirely unfair. This is one of the many cases of a corrupt police system and white privilege at it's finest. If you don't agree, ask yourself -- if the tables were turned, what would have happened?

We want this petition to reopen this case to get justice for our beloved George who lit up a room when he walked in, who worked harder than anyone we knew, who would give his shirt off his back for anyone, and for his friends, his family, and the black community who have to suffer in silence when it comes to these kind of cases. Its been 3 years too long and we want justice for George.