Install Rubberized Tracks In System High Schools

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Let CHCCS know that concrete tracks have little to no shock absorption which is very detrimental to the health of athletes over time. Studies show that athletes who run primarily on concrete/asphalt are much more likely to develop joint problems late in life. A concrete/asphalt track surface forms puddles easily and has poor drainage, which is a hazard to an athlete's safety and is an annoyance nonetheless. Cracks and uneven surfaces cover nearly every part of CHCCS high school track surfaces, which are not only hazards, but an eyesore.  A rubberized track also helps our school system play on a level field when it comes to sports. For example East's Track and Field team is at a major disadvantage since they do not have a rubber track to practice and compete upon and they also have slower times at home meets. Rubberized tracks also provide a softer surface to cushion a fall which minimizes athlete injury on impact as to asphalt which has a greater chance of seriously injuring an athlete who falls. It is time for our school system to make a decision that can greatly improve our athlete's performance, edge and pride in their school. This petition is in response to numerous athlete injuries over the last few years who injured themselves competing on an old, asphalt/concrete track.

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