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We want our justice served on Chantelle McCluney

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By signing this petition, you are helping us put criminals to justice. 

Chantelle McCluney, was previously convicted for having involvement in luring in a man and stripping him of his dignity by torturing him- physically and mentally. She was then found guilty and sentenced to 18months with supervision, but the judge let her off. This came to public knowledge, earlier this year in January 2014. The victim is suffering at her expense, while she roams free.

This woman did not stop there, it has come to light that this woman is now breeding kittens under very poor conditions and also puppies (please see image of a kitten that fell victim while under her care).  The kitten (also known as, Connie) shown on the main image of the petition, fell victim of Chantelle McCluney (also goes by the name of, Chantelle Kelly)  and was found in an unforgiving state. Connie had been sold intentionally without being checked by the vet- the kitten had severe case of flees, an actual worm was found on the kitten and she was extremely underweight and had no confidence with her owner. This brought great distress to Connie’s owner, but thanks to her the little one is recovering slowly.

This insane act of negligence has been going on for as long as 2012, according to our evidence. These animals were found to be underfed, hygiene was extremely poor, and each litter was sold before they were ready to leave they’re mum. We have also come to understand that she has been making a living out of selling these animals. She has been posting ads all over facebook and possibly other online platforms. Chantelle is clearly running an illegal pet shop, within the wrong type of establishment and is failing to comply with the most basic necessities and/or requirements for these animals, which already breaches; Animal Welfare Act 2006, c.45, Promotion of welfare, Section 9

Chantelle McCluney has failed to comply with the following acts, which she is in breach of:

Animal Welfare Act 2006, c.45, Introductory, Section 3


Animal Welfare Act 2006, c.45, Prevention of harm, Section 4


Animal Welfare Act 2006, c.45, Promotion of welfare, Section 9


Animal Welfare Act 2006, c.45, Promotion of welfare, Section 12


Animal Welfare Act 2006, c.45, Codes of practice, Section 14


Animal Welfare Act 2006, c.45, Enforcement powers, Section 24

Chantelle McCluney is a mother of three and possibly more. If she can hurt an innocent man and captivate/breed animals under terrible conditions, then what you makes you think she is trust worthy roaming around our streets in Rochdale? Chantelle had been known for moving from town to town in Greater Manchester. 

The police have failed to acknowledge our request for help and RSPCA. There is nothing we can do, but continue to watch people like her ruin the safety of our community. This why is we need your help to save those animals in silence and even members from our local and non local community. Chantelle is not in a fit state to be walking around free.

Sign this petition and let's bring these criminals to justice! By signing, you potentially help save a life. 

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