Channel Ten: Release the Australian Survivor 2016 Buffs and DVD!

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2016's Australian Survivor was a masterpiece that has done very well in the ratings and stands as a worthy equal to the long-running American series.  Or it has the potential to be...

Unfortunately, Australian Survivor fails in one important aspect where the American series excels: merchandise.  Namely, Buffs and DVDs.  For every season of US Survivor, PlanetBuff has released the buffs for the various tribes, allowing fans to hold on to a small piece of their favourite show.  Meanwhile, CBS sells DVDs of all but the most recent seasons, so fans can enjoy the series whenever they want to.

Meanwhile, PlanetBuff has been refused the rights to sell the buffs?  What advantage is there for Network Ten to hold onto them?  The 2016 designs won't be used in the 2017 season, which means they are collecting virtual dust on someone's hard drive, for no good reason.  These buffs would be much better making money for the network and making enjoyment for the fans.

As for the DVDs, I understand that Ten may worry that selling them will stop people from using their Tenplay service.  This would be understandable if the show was to be available to watch indefinitely.  As things are, 2016's season will be taken down in approximately three months.  Once October rolls around, how are we supposed to legally watch the show?  It would be very disappointing if Ten barred potential viewers from watching one of their programs simply because of an arbitrary time limit.

Please support the selling of Australian Survivor Buffs and DVDs.  If there is a product in the world, why not offer it to the people?