Channel Awesome, Please Stop This

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Channel Awesome is an online production company and video platform site that started in 2008, formerly known as That Guy With the Glasses until 2014. It was founded by Mike Michaud as well as the CEOs of the company, Doug and Rob Walker. Recently a document was leaked online called Not So Awesome that was created by Kaylyn Saucedo which accounts several stories from former employees of Channel Awesome talking about misconduct, unfair and abusive behavior between them, Michaud and even Doug and Rob. These include sexual assault allegations towards Michaud and former Channel Awesome producer JewWario among many other allegations. The full document can be read here. As a result, several employees of Channel Awesome including Omar Ahmed, Nash Bozard, Tony Goldmark, Dominic Smith and many others left the company in response to this. Not only that, but as of making this petition the Channel Awesome YouTube channel has lost over 25,000 subscribers within just the past week and it's still going down consistently. And besides all that, there is pretty much no point for Channel Awesome to still be around at this point. It was meant to be a private video platform so that video creators could be easily monetized as YouTube was kind of stingy when it came to monetizing content that was under fair use. But nowadays YouTube is perfectly acceptable towards monetizing videos that fall under fair use (When the system isn't completely broken anyways). What has happened to these employees is absolutely horrible and unacceptable and they deserve better! We want Channel Awesome to be shut down for as long as it'll take for this problem to be solved, and we would also like a proper apology from Doug and Rob Walker as well as compensation for those former employees if possible. At the very least postpone any upcoming videos until you understand about these mistakes and do better in the future. I originally loved the videos Channel Awesome had made and I don't want it to end on a seriously low note. I want you guys to improve so that way we can love your content again and not have to deal with any major screw-ups! #ChangeTheChannel