An apology for Samantha Armytage's racist comment on Sunrise

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On March 6 2015, Sunrise aired a segment on two twins sisters from mixed race parents where one sister was born with dark skin and the other born with light skin due to rare genetic anomaly. Samantha Armytage introduced the segment saying and I quote;

"...Maria has taken after her half Jamaican mum with dark skin and brown eyes and curly dark hair but Lucy got her dads fair skins, good on her, along with straight red hair and blue eyes'

The 'good on her' comment was inappropriate, extremely offensive and very racist. This comment segregates sisters by favoritism base on skin colour and give the impression that Lucy is better or luckier for being fair skinned or as if Samantha can relate more to her solely because she is fair skinned which is by definition, racist. 

Currently, there has been absolutely no press in regard to this issue to hold Samantha accountable for the comment, currently this has just been swept under the rug which is appalling. We want to have a petition to Sunrise, Channel 7 and Sunrise producer Michael Pell to have Samantha or Sunrise apologise for the comment in some shape or form. This type of racist dialogue cannot continue to be ignored in Australia and be allowed to be viewed as acceptable. This is the first course of action before we go higher up.

Please take a moment to sign the petition and support this movement and make a difference and help boot racism out of Australia and Australian TV. #samarmytageapologise


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